Open Source Embedded Optimization Software

The following software is contributed by the partners of TEMPO and provides background and a platform for the developments within the TEMPO network.

Software Description
MPT The Multi-Parametric Toolbox (MPT) is an open source, Matlab-based toolbox for parametric optimization, computational geometry and model predictive control
FiOrdOs FiOrdOs is a Matlab toolbox for automated C-code generation of first-order methods for the class of parametric convex programs
FORCES Generation of standalone interior-point solvers for MPC-like multistage problems
QPOASES qpOASES is an open-source C++ implementation of an online active set strategy
ACADO ACADO Toolkit is a C++ software environment and algorithm collection for automatic control and dynamic optimization, including automatic generation of C code for solver.
PROTOIP PROTOIP is a tool for building FPGA-based prototypes. Starting from a C-like algorithmic description and abstracting many specific low level FPGA design details, PROTOIP enables users to build, deploy and verify optimization algorithms in high-performance embedded targets.
OSQP OSQP is an open-source C package for solving convex quadratic programs based on operator splitting methods.
Flexy Flexy is an open-source Aruduino-based training device intended for control engineering students. Also the hardware is open source.
ACADOS ACADOS provides fast and embedded optimal control problem solvers, based on CasADi.

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