Best paper award to TEMPO fellow Bartolomeo Stellato

TEMPO Paper “High-Speed Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Power Electronics” won the First Paper Prize in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. TEMPO fellow Bartolomeo Stellato conducted the research under the supervision of Professor Goulart at the University of Oxford and in collaboration with Tobias Geyer from ABB Switzerland.

TEMPO video

Some outcomes of TEMPO are presented in this video that contains interviews with some of the ESRs and their supervisors.

Mohammad Abdollahpouri first TEMPO PhD

On 27 June 2017 Mohammad Abdollahpouri defended his doctoral thesis on Embedded Optimal Estimation for Fast Mechatronic Systems at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava with Professor Boris Rohal-Ilkiv as the main supervisor. Mohammad is the first ESR fellow in TEMPO to defend his doctoral thesis.

Outreach session by Renault at the University of Oviedo, Spain

Iris Ballesteros-Tolosana, TEMPO ESR working at Renault and CentraleSupelec in France, has given a keynote speech about the EU Marie Curie Actions scholarships to the students of the Master “Automation Engineering and Industrial Informatics” at the University of Oviedo, Spain. In the same session, Guillermo Pita-Gil, team leader of the Advanced Algorithms for the Autonomous Vehicle at Renault, introduced the autonomous car challenges and the open positions in his team at Renault.

Open Invited Track on Embedded Predictive Control and Optimization at the IFAC World Congress 2017
Update: 26 papers were accepted for the open invited track

Embedded predictive control and optimization cover the design methodologies and technologies for solving optimal control or estimation problems by considering the limited resources imposed by real-time constraints or by the dedicated hardware of a specific industrial application. There are multiple aspects driving the research on this topic and which have witnessed significant advances: control problem formulations that lead to efficient embedded optimization algorithms; developments on the numerical methods; computer aided embedded optimization tools; embedded optimization software and hardware implementation technologies.

This open invited track session will welcome contributions on these topics and offer a forum for discussions between the participants from industry and academia. The expected technical and scientific contributions include but are not limited to:

  • Numerical solvers for embedded optimization
  • Hardware and software for real-time embedded predictive control and optimization
  • Parametric programming and explicit MPC
  • Embedded MPC and moving horizon estimation
  • Complexity reduction, approximation and sub-optimal methods
  • Verification and validation
  • Modelling, simulation and robustness in embedded MPC
  • Applications in mechatronics, automotive, power systems, robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical devices, etc.

The open invited track is organized by Sorin Olaru, Tor A. Johansen, Eric C. Kerrigan and Moritz Diehl.

TEMPO Summer School on Hardware Implementation of Embedded Optimization

Summer School on Hardware Implementation of Embedded Optimization is now open for registration. The summer school will be held in Bratislava 17-21 July 2017.

TEMPO visits ABB University in Baden for course on Business Management in Action

Tutorial workshop on Algorithms and Hardware for Embedded Optimization at the European Control Conference, Aalborg, June 2016

TEMPO researchers held a tutorial workshop on the core technology of TEMPO at the ECC, with five presentations.

The workshop was organized by Professor Eric Kerrigan at Imperial College London and Tor Arne Johansen at NTNU Trondheim. The tutorial workshop was very well attended with close to 100 persons attending. TEMPO also organized two special sessions at the ECC, presenting the recent research results from TEMPO and other leading research groups.

TEMPO ESR gives seminar at University of Calabria (Italy) 11th-13th May

Giovanni Licitra, TEMPO ESR employed at Ampyx Power in the Netherlands, gave a seminar at the University of Calabria. The seminar introduced TEMPO and proceeded with research results on Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWEs) and flight control techniques and parameter estimation for UAVs. The lectures were held during the class of “Signal Processing and System Identification” managed by prof. Giuseppe Fedele for master students of automation and control engineering.

Imperial College Festival

TEMPO doctoral fellow Bulat Khusainov and his supervisors Eric Kerrigan and George Constantinides from Imperial College London demonstrated at the Imperial College Festival how computers help us control the physical world by getting participants to manipulate a gantry overhead crane with and without a computer, and then discuss the differences using the computer made. Approximately 1,000 people participated in the activity and roughly half of them (mostly children) tried playing with the crane. Further information at the Imperial College Festival web-pages.

EUCCO2016, the 4th European Conference on Computational Optimization, will be held in Leuven, Belgium, September 12 – 14, 2016

The conference is organised by the University of Leuven, Center of Excellence on Optimization in Engineering (OPTEC), and by the TEMPO Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Training in Embedded Predictive Control and Optimization.

The conference aims to bring together researchers who are active in the areas of computational optimization, algorithms and applications. EUCCO2016 will have special emphasis on Embedded Optimization and Optimization in Engineering, but it will also continue the traditional EUCCO focus on large scale optimization, optimization with partial differential equations, and numerical optimization algorithms and software.

Invited plenary speakers are: Stephen Boyd (Stanford, USA), Yurii Nesterov (Louvain, Belgium), Sina Ober-Bloebaum (Oxford, UK), Colin Jones (Lausanne, Switzerland), Niels Aage (Lyngby, Denmark), Marc Teboulle (Tel-Aviv, Israel), and Boris Vexler (Munich, Germany).

For additional information, please visit the EUCCO conference webpage.

TEMPO Early-stage researcher Giovanni Licitra explains his research at Ampyx Power (Netherlands) in the regional magazine Gazzettino del Sud Est

TEMPO at the 'Science Days' at Europapark in Rust in October 2015

Robin Verschueren presented their small autonomous race cars using NMPC there. The Science Days were attended by school children aged 8-16. The project was also presented in the EOS magazine.

The two week course is organized by Moritz Diehl with lectures also given by Sebastien Gros, Joel Andersson, Joris Gillis and Rien Quirynen. It is held at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

Bilateral agreement between The Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has entered into an agreement and received funding from the EEA Scholarship Programme Slovakia (grant SK06-II-01-004) to strengthen mobility between higher education institutions. The scientific area of TEMPO is central in the new program that includes the exchange of professors, doctoral students and master students between the two universities in 2015-2016.

TEMPO is organizing two special sessions on Software for Embedded Real-Time Optimization at the European Control Conference 2015 held in Linz on 15-17 July 2015.

Special session FrA6 on Friday 17 July 9:30-11:50 in room HS4: Software for Embedded Real-Time Optimization - Tools

Special session FrC6 on Friday 17 July 16:30-18:30 in room HS4: Software for Embedded Real-Time Optimization - Solvers

The organizers are Helfried Peyrl and Hans Joachim Ferreau at ABB Corpororate Research and Moritz Diehl at the University of Freiburg.

The two week course is organized by Moritz Diehl and Colin Jones with lectures also given by Michal Kvasnica, Alexander Domahidi, Hans Joachim Ferreau, Rien Quirynen, Dimitris Kouzoupis and Robin Verschueren. It is held at the University of Freiburg in Germany.

TEMPO Spring School on Theory and Numerics for Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, March 26 - April 2, 2015

The 6 days intensive spring School is organized by Moritz Diehl with lectures given by James Rawlings, Joel Andersson and Mario Zanon. It is held at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Further details are given in this flyer.

Workshop on academic mobilities, Bratislava, December 3, 2014

TEMPO was presented at the workshop on academic mobilities and internationalization in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Workshop on Embedded Optimization, Lucca, September 8-9, 2014

The 2 day workshop is organized by Alberto Bemporad, Panagiotis Patrinos, Stefano Di Cairano, and held at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy. Further details are given in this link.

Summer School on Numerical Optimal Control, Freiburg, August 4-13, 2014

The 8 day summer School is organized by Professor Mortiz Diehl and will be held at the University of Freiburg on August 4-13, 2014, with support from TEMPO. Further details are given in this flyer.

The Project kick-off Meeting was held in Trondheim on 10-11 Februar 2014.

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