Open invited track on embedded predictive control and optimization at IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, 2017

Update: There are 28 papers submitted to this open invited track

The open invited track covers the design methodologies and technologies for solving (linear constrained or nonlinear) optimal control or estimation problems by considering the limited resources imposed by real-time constraints or by the dedicated hardware of a specific industrial application.

There are multiple aspects driving the research on this topic and which have witnessed significant advances: nonlinear control problem formulations that lead to efficient embedded optimization algorithms; developments on the numerical methods; computer aided embedded optimization tools; embedded optimization software and hardware implementation technologies.

Contributions are expected on topics as:

  • Numerical solvers for embedded optimization (linear, quadratic and nonlinear)
  • Hardware and software for real-time embedded predictive control and optimization
  • Parametric programming and explicit MPC
  • Embedded MPC and moving horizon estimation
  • Complexity reduction, approximation and sub-optimal methods
  • Verification and validation
  • Modelling, simulation and robustness in embedded MPC
  • Applications in mechatronics, automotive, power systems, robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical devices, etc.

This open invited track session will welcome contributions on these topics and offer a forum for discussions between the participants from industry and academia. IFAC World Congress open invited track submission code: 2cyk7

The Open Invited Track on Embedded Predictive Control and Optimization is part of the 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). The IFAC World Congress, 9-14 July 2017 is held in Toulouse, France. More information about the IFAC World Congress and the submission procedure can be found on the conference website.

2016/11/26 12:19, torarnj

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